Marijke de Vries

2019-2020: Tinder Times
End 2019-2020 I will be working on a new project. Tinder Times is an artistic investigation into online dating. The project deals with current social themes such as transience, sexual identity, role patterns and changing forms of relationships that also touch upon contemporary feminism. At the same time it is a personal research in which dating is the motive to make art.
Works for this project consist of model paintings on rice paper, works in mixed techniques on perspex and on canvas and 3 artist's books in the form of multiples with screen printing, digital print and mixed media.
There will be an installation 'Tinder Times', a video and during a residency in Italy I will make a dance performance.
Parts of the project will be shown in interim presentations (at the end of 2019 for example presentation of multiple 'Tinder Times' with Rijksakademie in Printing Plant, Looiersgracht 60).
The works will come together in a final presentation at a location yet to be determined.

2018: Bagagehal, Amsterdam. Stichting Kunstwerk Loods 6 invites De Vries to initiate an art manifestation in the Bagagehal, a large exposition hall at the waters of the IJ. Several disciplines such as visual art, dance, music, philosophy are combined. Together with a guest curator, artists and a producer she matches her vision as visual artist with her experience as choreographer, dancer and artistic leader of an international festival.

2015: Artist In Residency in Callosa, Spain, followed by bookpresentation l exposition l tango performance and salon in Kompaszaal (Amsterdam). The project is crowdfunded at
In 2015, De Vries is artist in residence in Callosa, Spain. The gallery that will show her work assigns De Vries to make a work for the gallery's balcony. The Perspex work 'Falling Angel' is installed. This new work in a new technique offers many possibilities for De Vries' themes of layers and change. It becomes the starting point of a new body of work: the Perspex series. The works are made in mixed media, always on/between/in layers of transparent Perspex.

Falling Angel Publication
Falling Angel
Falling Angel Installatiion
Falling Angel