Marijke de Vries

The layers of reality

The Perspex series originated on the occasion of an Artist-in-residency in 2015 in Spain. The gallery assigned De Vries to make an installation for their balcony. De Vries did not want to shut out the light so she decided the work should be transparent. While working with the new technique, the artist discovered and developed it; the Perspex was a perfect answer to her theme of change, layers and transparency. The Perspex technique has so many possibilities to work in layers with all kinds of materials, while keeping the work open and transparent. A new series of works in Perspex resulted from this first work. De Vries' work has a relationship with the abstract connotation of time by its theme of constant change. This dynamic of transformation is present in the Perspex works. Theme and style refer to a layered world of meaning, that is always originating, and always changing. A premonition of the not yet visible, a reminiscence of the almost dissolved, already leaving the image's boundary, transforming into another dimension

Layerdness- technique and meaning

In a period of my life, I was invited to work with a silkscreen printer. I was fascinated and touched by the experience of working with this 'simple' technique. It can easily transform an earlier reality of the work by the transparency and clarity of the superimposed colors and shapes.

With the viscosity of paint, such an effect is much more difficult to achieve. It's something I'm looking for when painting. And in working with the layering in Perspex. The different states and layers that life ad and through which a former core shimmers. For me this evokes a feeling of nostalgia, passing through, and reminds me of layers of the earth.